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REXEL company holds a steady position on the market of cutting equipment manufacturers for 35 years. We produce machines for manufacturers of upholstered furniture, clothing, and roller blinds, as well as many cutting devices for any line of trade where precise cutting of various materials is necessary for efficient production.

Our machines work in 74 countries across the world; we won the trust of our clients by producing durable, safe, and competitively priced equipment. When there is a need, we are able to manufacture devices of non-standard parameters, taking into consideration atypical fabric width, weight of the fabric roll, operating conditions, and many other factors specified by our clients. We use advanced machinery in production of our devices, and all our machines are designed so that your production could increase its efficiency.

REXEL is environmentally friendly company. Find out more here:

Get to know more about our machines at www.rexel.com.pl or visit our YouTube channel to take a look on how our machines work!

    We use serious range of high-tech equipment. This equipment guarantees high quality of produced parts. Also we offer services of mechanical processing using the following machines:

•    Milling center MAZAK VCN 510C-II + KITAGAWA
•    Turning center MAZAK NEXUS 200-II M
•    Punching Machine AMADA AC255NT
•    Hydraulic Guillotine SAFAN HT 310-6 TS 100
•    Press SAFAN E-Brake 100-3100 TS 1
•    Hydraulic press HYDRAPRESS PHW-100CPU
•    Milling machine JAFO FWF32JU2
•    Band saw Pilous CF-NC Automat