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Cut-to-length machine for nonwoven fabric CTL-3000

Key features:

- Machine is designed to automatically cut (through user input) pre-set length, and quantity sheets nonwoven fabric from rolls up to 350 kg.
- Cut panels are being fed onto the belt conveyor.
- Feed speed is 22m/min (72 ft/m).


Automatic fabric spreading machines

Key features:

- Automated cradle tilt system
- Color computer touch screen with auto diagnosis system
- Electronic control fabric tension system
- Edge alignment (with photocells placed on the moving base)


Ultrasonic manual cutter for textiles

Key features:

- Suitable for cutting plastic films, cloths made of soft thermoplastic materials or synthetic fabric.
- Convenient cutter holder with rollers under foot.
- Controlled by a button on the handle.
- The generator automatically adjusts the output power level.


Roller blind cutting table US-2 (Ultrasonic)

Key features:
- One can replace cutting head (ultrasonic or mechanical round knife) depending on fabrics type. - Easy and user-friendly operation is achieved through touch-screen (available languages – Polish, English, French or Russian and Spanish).


Table for upholstery ST-3/KP with brake system and positioning

- Main feature of this table is so called Height Positioning System: when one presses a pedal, the table starts to move, making about 2 seconds pause at a certain point of movement. Height of this pause can be adjusted on a regulation profile under the table.


Air-blow spreading machines and cutting room tables

- Cutting room table SK-3/AIR with air blowing tabletop creates an air cushion over which the spread fabric floats in order to be moved easily.
- Table frame and tabletops are built on the same sturdy structure of the basic SK-3 table.


Assembling unit for zig-zag springs NS-1

Key features:
- Machine is designed for semi-automatic assembly of furniture frames with zig-zag springs and Rapid Clips.
- Machine frame is made of anodized aluminium on special swivel feet, extending base, frame pneumatic clamps and pulling mechanism.


Lifting turntable ST-4/B with tabletop blocking system

Main advantages:
- Pneumatic tabletop blocking system: tabletop can be blocked in any of 12 positions with pneumatic cylinder underneath the tabletop.
- Work top covered with stainless steel remains clean a long time;
- Steel curtain provides a durable and reliable performance of the mechanism;


Inspection hoist WK-1/HD for exterior shutters

Key features:

- Machine frame is made of steel and anodized aluminium profiles with special supports for floor and ceiling so hoist can be fastened.
- Pedal operated height adjustment.
- Different type of holders are in set: for checking roller blind on a tube, to check shutter box


Straight knife machine GREAT OCEAN CZD-3 8" Net price: 1 463,41 zł
Gross price: 1 799,99 zł

Spreading machine UL-3 2,8m x 1,83m Net price: 8 646,00 zł
Gross price: 10 634,58 zł

Spreading machine UL-3 7,2m x 1,83m Net price: 11 892,00 zł
Gross price: 14 627,16 zł

DURKOPP ADLER 867-190040 Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

R-11 Net price: 16,26 zł
Gross price: 20,00 zł

Cutting table for roller blinds UK-1 MAX Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

Band knife machine R1000/air-blow Net price: 14 500,00 zł
Gross price: 17 835,00 zł

Pneumatic turntable ST-4 for gluing Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

Pneumatic LIFTING TABLE FOR UPHOLSTERY ST-3/BR Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

BAND KNIFE MACHINE R500 Net price: 6 000,00 zł
Gross price: 7 380,00 zł

PNEUMATIC TABLE FOR MATRESSES PDM-1 Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.

Pneumatic Lifting table for upholstery ST-3 without tabletop Contact us to receive more information regarding this product.